A few months ago, Visual Art’s (wiki) released an opening video to the latest upcoming visual novel by Key (wiki), Rewrite (wiki). The OP song featured is “Philosophyz” by Runa Mizutani (she also sings the ending to Rewrite):

Then just a few days ago, they released another opening video, except this time it was fully animated…

…And shown as an entirely different game from what was typically expected (looks more like something from a Nitro+ (wiki) game). Interestingly enough, WHITE FOX (wiki) animated this, so maybe they will produce an anime of this in the near future? Too soon to be said.

Lots of people speculated that this was an April Fool’s prank, but what they are clearly forgetting is that Key has always released this kind of news around this time (intentionally), and they usually turn out to be true. Then again, I could be wrong and this was just a really well-made April Fool’s joke.

So what are we going to expect? It’s definitely no longer a typical Key dramafest, that’s for sure. We should remember that Key hired Ryukishi07 (wiki) and Romeo Tanaka (wiki) to write some of the scenarios. Guys like them were hired to provide something unique and different to the story, and not something that Key could already write themselves.

Anyways, our site might be covering this once it’s released. We have a colleague/resident otaku that regularly plays visual novels, and will most definitely be playing Rewrite right when it comes out. Don’t expect much, but hopefully he can provide some summaries and screencaps of the game.

Rewrite is set for release 2011/06/24.


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