Nichijou OP and ED


Gosh, the new anime season started so quickly. X-Men was released a few days ago, and we also had DOG DAYS and Tiger & Bunny a few hours ago. But forget about those, I’m focusing on the latest work by Kyoto Animation – Nichijou (MAL).

Opening Theme – “Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi-C” by Hyadain

Ending Theme – “Zzz” by Sayaka Sasaki

Like always, Kyoto Animation has produced superb quality in their opening and ending sequences. But what shocked me the most was the artist of the opening. Before I get into that, let’s watch these videos first:

If you are familiar with these videos, then you should know that they are all by the same guy – Hyadain.

Yes. THE Hyadain.

I never expected Kyoto Animation to hire Hyadain to sing the opening theme to Nichijou. I first heard his songs a few years back, first encountering the infamous “Super Mario World Western Show” video. But what I only learned recently was that Hyadain, actually known Kenichi Mayamada, is an actual professional Japanese composer!

An interesting fact to note is that Hyadain is the sole vocalist in all his songs. Yes, that includes the male and female lines (as stated on his Youtube profile page as well). I’m not sure about opening, but if you thought it was a duet by Hyadain and another female singer, it’s most likely only the former.

As for the ending, I’m not too familiar with Sayaka Sasaki, but apparently she was the winner of the 3rd Anison Grand Prix in Sapporo. Looking forward to her future works in the anime music industry.

Anyways, the first episode finished airing today (the OVA/episode 00 was released a few weeks ago), so I will probably provide screencaps and talk about it once subs come out. UTW dropped it, but Crunchyroll had already licensed it. It should be simulcasting, or has already finished simulcasting, as I’m writing this. I don’t mind CR as much as the next guy, but I would prefer if they subbed the opening and ending themes as well. Oh well, can’t complain now, can I? Edit: Doki is subbing this. Excellent.

Until later.


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