Pilot Music Review – Stargazer ED

Title: Hoshiro no Tobira
Artist: Satori Negishi
Year: 2006

Hoshi no Tobira by Satori Negishi is definitely my favourite song from the Seed/Destiny franchise, if not, the Gundam franchise to this date, because it has an empathetic theme that reflects the bitter truths about the injustices and discriminations of war.  A piano leads in with a two note entrance followed by a bass drum that opens the song with a bang.  Both of these instruments set the rhythm of the entire song; the piano has a repetitive off-beat pattern that is quite addictive and the bass drum keeps a steady beat every four bars that is quiet and subtle, but never forgotten.  Next, the solo violin – the key instrument – draws out a haunting melody that, when placed on top of the background music, creates the image of a single entity, that is not feeling lonely or empty but rather entranced by the vastness of space.  After the atmosphere is set in the eight bar intro, the drum kit enters with Miss Satori Negishi’s singing with an undulating beat akin to the piano line.  It is very easy to become lulled into her voice in this song because the structure of the melody does not contain many jumps between each note.  She often sings a few words on the same note before transitioning to another pitch, and, when she does, the notes are often up or down a pitch.  This flowing melody, which combined with her solid voice, creates a soothing, yet determined feeling that touches the listener’s heart without putting them to sleep.  Unfortunately, like all songs, there are flaws, and the only thing that caught my ear was Miss Satori Negishi’s fading voice whenever she hits the rare high note.  I am pretty sure this is not a singing style or technique, so I am going to say that this is something that can be fixed to make the Hoshi no Tobira better.  Overall, the Stargazer ED is superb.  Please share your thoughts and comments below, or if you feel there is anything wrong with my technical terms, leave a message as well.  I hope you enjoyed my pilot music review.


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