Dog Days – 01

Dog Days is an anime-original animated by Aniplex. It follows the story of a boy named Sinkku as he is summoned into an alternate realm by a princess. Zero no Tsukaima or Fate/stay night style. It contains famous seiyuus such as Nana Mizuki, Yui Horie, and Mamoru Miyano voicing the main characters.

Right off the bat, Nana Mizuki sings the strong opening Scarlet Knight. Fast paced music filled with fluid battle animation to draw the viewers attention. It is no secret that I love Nana Mizuki’s vocals.

Norio Samaaaaa

How the mighty have fallen

Wait, what?

So we have our beastly protagonist with hacked out skills. Okay, still pretty generic.

He also likes playing with long rods. It grows and extends upon touch. I'd want to play with that too.

The least he could do is close the window. Heating schools isn't cheap.

I warned you about (not using) those stairs, bro! It's a pinch!

Basically he gets transported to another world. With furries. But being the badass protagonist he is, he isn’t even fazed. He even decides to join the Princess who summoned him in a battle to the death with the neighboring nation.

This isn't like my action anime.

I’ve seen elementary obstacle courses harder than this. Granted, they are shooting foam balls at the invaders. What happened to good old siege machines to invade? I’m loving the generic faces though. If you watch carefully, they still animate their expressions changes. Reminds me of the rest of the not-important Baka to Test classmates.

I must admit, I really had hoped for a more gruesome battle. I mean, they even have doctors out on the field to treat the wounded. Not that they get hurt, they just turn into puffballs after impact, much like Naruto. All the losing nation loses is their pride. The winners don’t even get to write history books about their victory either. Regardless, the actions scenes are well animated., but most first episodes generally are. Let’s hope Aniplex keeps with this animation quality.

That was a pretty cool entrance. But I'm more of a halberd kind of guy. You know, for extra penetration.

Nothing much to say about the ending. Nice song, sung by the forever-30 Yui Horie. If you read the lyrics (nobody does), its quite beautiful.

PS: This being my first official anime post, I decided to make it a bit longer than I originally hoped. From my experience, most viewers looking at the first two episodes before deciding to continue the series until competition. My first posts are longer because of the opening and ending songs, and because I want to summarize quickly the plot in my own words. Later posts will not be as long.

How silly. Chocobos can't fly.


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  1. Phocus says:

    Actually, black chocobos can fly. And I’m seriously not making a racist joke, go check out the FF Wikia page.

    ♫ Listening to: I Believe I Can Fly

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