Durarara!! OP Song Review

Song: Uragiri no yuuyake
Artist: Theatre Brook
Yay for Canadian/British spelling.
Anime: Durarara!! (episodes 1-12)

Woot! It’s time for my second review.  Uragiri no yuuyake (aka. Sunset Betrayal) by Theatre Brook is the opening song for the awesome anime Durarara!!  It stood out among the winter 2010 anime opening songs because of the driving beat and the fact that it has a male vocalist, instead of a female vocalist like in many other anime songs.

Theatre Brook itself is a funk-rock band in Japan comprised of Taiji Sato(vocals), Takashi Nakajo (bass), Takashi Numazawa (drums), and Emerson Kitamura (keyboard).

Here are some of the notable things I found in the song:

The first thing that I noticed was that Uragiri no yuuyake featured a stronger drum sound than other songs in the band’s playlist.  The constant drum-drum-hi hat becomes really addicting.  Dare to prove me wrong.

The bass player was mainly keeping it cool throughout the song by playing chords, but there was one section that he played the coolest licks. 1:00 It sounded like he did a lot of string bending there.  This section is one of the treasures of music, where you have to listen to a song several times to catch it or else it will be covered by the lead.

The guitarist was great.  He was just strumming away with chords and singing at the same time.  Sick riff at 2:13.  The lyrics sounded appropriate for the cool and wild atmosphere in Durarara!! and the emotion was definitely in there.  One comment would be the improper pronunciations of the English lines, but of course every other Japanese song is like this.  So it’s no big deal, but one might start singing:

Roar out louder! → Roll out louder! → Blow out louder! → Troll out louder!


As for the the keyboardist, he just looked out of place in the video whenever the camera panned on him.  Playing wise, you can’t really hear him, except near the end when there is a long sequence of off beats.  Even so, you need to strain your ears to hear it.

But seriously, this song easily makes you want to put on a pair of sunglasses, wear a leather jacket, and hop on a motorcycle.  It simply makes you want to act cool; it actually has a similar effect to the GTO opening.


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