Steins;Gate – 01

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Since this is my first post on Steins;Gate, I will try to express it in detail – through pictures.

Steins;Gate is produced by the companies White Fox and Frontier Works. The setting of Steins;Gate is one year after Chaos;Head, during the summer of 2010. Steins;Gate is 24 episodes long.

First off, we have our main character, Rintarou Okabe.

Then we have our other main character, Mayuri Shiina.

This episode starts out showing Rintarou Okabe and Mayuri Shiina on the roof, if you haven’t already figured it out from the above pictures.


Yay, something that looks like a raccoon, for only 100 yen!

Mayuri Shiina wanted to buy one of those, except she is running out of money.


Secret prize!

Rintarou Okabe tries his luck, and gets the secret prize on his first try. He then gives it to Shiina. She then thanks Okabe, referring his name as Okarin. I will also be referring him as Okarin.



Weird. Why is this professor’s theory so much similar to Titor’s time machine theory?


Kurisu Makise!

In our first encounter with Kurisu Makise, she drags Okarin out of a lecture and questions him on supposedly something he was going to tell her fifteen minutes ago.


What is this?

Okarin thinks Makise is an Organization agent, so he brings out his phone to report back to someone. Makise then takes his phone, revealing that the phone wasn’t on. Okarin claims that this is a special type of phone that turns off when someone other than himself touches it. Apparently, Okarin has a habit of talking on his phone when it’s off.


Hmm? Someone sent an attachment?

Okarin then returns to Shiina, where he learns that she had lost the secret prize he gave her. They start hearing a weird noise, and Okarin tries to find the source.


Oh c'mon! We've only just met her. Don't kill her off so quickly!

Okarin finds Makise on the floor, covered with blood.


Out of breath.

Okarin then runs out of the building after witnessing Makise dead on the floor.

Makise got stabbed.

Okarin sends a text message to Daru.


Double vision!

After Okarin sends his text to Daru, he somehow time travels. This is the first visible time traveling moment.


Dr. Pepper.

Or in this case, it’s Dk. Pepper.


Satellite crashed.

Okabe sees a crashed satellite. Then the Opening song starts. Thank you Phocus for posting an opening and ending song for us.


The Thinker.

Yup. This is the famous The Thinker by Francois-Auguste-Rene Rodin


This is Hashida Itaru (Daru)

Daru is the computer guy.

Freeze!... you TV.

This toy gun is actually a remote control for the TV, invented by Okarin himself.


Taking a sip of his tea.

Sometimes you just got to enjoy the little things in life.


More Dr. Pepper.

Another image of some Dr Dk. Pepper. Okarin likes to drink Dr Dk, Pepper, so Shiina gives him one.


Calling whom?

Calling his microwave! Yup. His phone acts as a remote control for his microwave. Another abnormal remote control if you ask me.



He’s microwaving some bananas.



How he turned yellow bananas into a slime/gel/green bananas surprises me.


"Your banana is soft and squishy".

This is a request from Daru.


Kurisu Makise...? She's alive!

Okarin and Daru takes an elevator and see’s Makise when the door opens.



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  2. Phocus says:

    I dare any one of you to put some bananas in your microwave.

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