Dog Days – 02

Typical followup episode, where we see the protagonist show off his crazy skills to everyone. Still, it wasn’t a bad episode, just not particular interesting. It’s refreshing to see an active protagonist where he doesn’t whine every episode about being stuck in some alternative realm.

For the battle system, you have to try to do one of four things to knock out any opponent:

  1. Hit them with your weapon
  2. Touch them on back or head
  3. Hit them with your Seal Spell
  4. Force them to surrender

Since when has war been reduced to a child’s game? This is almost as bad as the technology behind Infinite Stratos not being used to colonize the moon or something.

These Seals look pretty awesome though.

Seals are drawn with lots of detail.

The Seal Spell seems to have a variety of uses, from energy blasts for fighting to jet fuel for flying. I can already see how they might use it for a defensive wall now.

Wonder Twin powers: Activate! Form of a Dragunov sniper rifle.

I had high hopes for Dog Days, given the all-star seiyuu cast, and since Seven Arcs, who produced Dog Days, also produced the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha series. So far it is mediocre, so I hope it picks up into plenty of action scenes quickly.

Though I didn't expect it would degrade to fanservice so quickly.

Nor cliches.

This episode actually opens up a lot of questions. The most prominent being, does the Seal Spell System actually use your own vitality?

Next episode we have a concert coming up, sung by Yui Horie, I assume. Still dissappointed that Nana Mizuki‘s character is getting few lines and no insert song chances.


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