Confirmed: Persona 4 The Animation

Original Character Design: Soejima Shigenori
Conceptual Design: Kaneko Kazuma
Music: Meguro Shoji
Production Studio: AIC ASTA
Director: Kishi Seiji

Narukami Yu: Namikawa Daisuke (mal)
Hanamura Yosuke: Morikubo Showtaro (mal)
Satonaka Chie: Horie Yui (mal)
Amagi Yukiko: Koshimizu Ami (mal)

My opinion of the staff and cast

  • Kishi Seiji (mal) directed Angel Beats! (mal) and Seto no Hanayome (mal), both of which I have watched and thoroughly enjoyed. He doesn’t have a lot of notable series (that I’ve watched) other than the ones mentioned under his name, but we’ll see how things turn out.
  • Thank heavens that Meguro Shoji (wiki) is in charge of the music, his work is amazing. Any other composer would just write their own music, good or bad, and to me that’s just wrong and disloyal to the fans. And because Meguro is in charge, I’m looking forward to original tracks from the game to be featured in the anime (Reach out to the Truth, Heaven, Almighty, etc.).
  • AIC (wiki) is animating this, but more specifically, AIC ASTA (ann). I don’t know why AIC has all these different studio branches, but AIC in general has produced top-quality works of anime these recent years. AIC ASTA animated the Sora no Otoshimono (mal) series, and for the most part the animation quality was decent to excellent. I hope the same will go for P4.
  • Well, it was pretty obvious that if they were going to make a Persona 4 adaptation, they would have to use the original cast. Technically, this will be my first time properly listening to the original Japanese seiyuu, since I only played through the English dubbed version (which was, by the way, still very good). As you can already see from the cast list so far, we can rest assured that they will not disappoint. But it’s definitely going to be weird listening to the protagonist talk (like a lot of famous JRPG protagonists, he doesn’t speak his lines).

My thoughts and worries for the anime

  • The character designs on the webpage are definitely less attractive than the original designs. Not by much, but definitely noticeable to those who have played through the game. I know I shouldn’t be judging it so soon. The best evaluation will come once they release the trailer or PVs.
  • No definite release date for the anime, but it’s definitely not anytime soon. I estimate near year at least, given that the announcement was so recent.
  • No indication of how many episodes. For a good adaptation of Persona 4 to work, it must be at least two cours (24-26 episodes). No but’s, and’s or if’s. If they rewrite the story to fit one cour, then I might as well not get excited over the anime anymore.
  • No information on other characters so far, but then again the website only opened up recently. I cannot wait to see how everyone else will look (Teddie/Kuma, Kanji, Rise, Naoto, the Dojima family, and even Adachi).
  • Yu Narukami? Who, in the blue hell, is Yu Narukami?! Why didn’t they use Souji Seta?! So disappoint.

(And yes, I woke up right before 8:00am PST, midnight in Japan, to witness the final seconds of the countdown on For those of you not familiar to Persona 4, the countdown corresponds to the in-game date of when the protagonist arrives in the town of Inaba, which coincidentally falls on April 11, 2011. The midnight time refers to the infamous appearance of the Midnight Channel/Mayonaka TV in the game, which is where the story truly begins…)
How I felt when the news was released:
Awwww yeeeeah
Link to P4 Animation website:


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