Steins;Gate – 02

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When the episode starts, Okarin encounter’s Makise. Okarin doesn’t believe his eyes. Makise is alive.
Okarin touches Makise, to make sure she’s alive, and not a ghost. After that, Makise gives a lecture. She starts by saying time machines are useless, and is going to spend the whole lecture on how she came up with that conclusion.


Okarin believes it is too early to decide whether a time machine is useless or not, so he once again objects to another lecture. Daru tries to hid his face, as this is embarrassing to him, and to Okarin.


Any questions?

Makise fills up an entire board, proving her conclusion to Okarin. Okarin feels defeated! After his defeat, Shiina calls him to request for some assistance.


Here comes a new challenger!

Here, we meet Ruka Urushibara. I like the design of the hairpin on Ruka’s head. It reminds me of the mask of Shinigami-san from Soul Eater. Anyways, Okarin has to help Shiina carry corn back. Ruka’s dad got them, but they can’t eat all of it, so they give it to Okarin and Shiina. Okarin pretends that an evil spirit has possessed his right hand, and needs Ruka to help do an exorcism(like he has done in the past). After that, Okarin and Shiina leaves.


Look at the time.

Well, it’s almost 4:55pm, and Shiina needs to go to work. Okarin and Shiina parts way, with Okarin going back home, and Shiina going to her job.


Smells like corn.

We meet yet another new character. She’s Suzuha Amane. Apparently, Suzuha has never seen fresh corn before. Okarin gives her a cob of corn, and goes back to his room.


Mewtube and Goodle!

Okarin searches for what happen that day; the day where Makise gets stabbed. Unfortunately, he finds no results. After a while of browsing, Okarin tries to search for John Titor, but has no luck. His books about John Titor is gone as well.


Another new character? She’s Kiryuu Moeka. Kiryuu’s looking for the IBN 5100, and questions Okarin about it. Okarin mentions Daru’s name, and Kiryuu pesters Okarin about it. He then gives in, and goes to find Daru to ask him about the IBN 5100.


Wow. This is Shiina. I wouldn’t of guessed she was a neko maid :3 So, this is her job. As you can see, Okarin has a tab open at this cafe.


Moe moe omelette, with some fries~

Okarin orders his usual thing, code named Stealth Field.


Okarin tries for some more gel-bananas. At least this time, he doesn’t waste a whole bunch.

Where did it go?


Apparently, the microwave’s a teleporting device.


How did you get in?

Somehow, Makise breaks in the house like someone I know. And it ends from here.

I originally had 30+ images, but had to cut down due to admin orders. If you want to see all the screenshots I took, here’s a link to them.



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