The Epic of Zektbach – 01

Whew, many of the Spring 2011 anime series have started airing, but today I want to focus on a one-episode OVA: The Epic of Zektbach.

Background: The Epic of Zektbach actually began as a music project where each song reflected a character’s story in the world of Aria Te’Laria.  Each story reveals how the character is affected by the Ristaccia – an object of power – in their possession. Click here for more info.

Ristaccia forged shamshir - Colada

This OVA focuses on Shamshir’s story in the war between Noigllado and Azuelgatt.  The beginning scene involves the army of Noigllado attacking a Azuelgatt fortress with an overwhelming number.

Knights and Trebuchets? Very Medieval based.

It seemed like all hope was lost until Shamshir used Colada to kill the general.  It grants her visions of knowledge and power.

Apparently Ristaccias allow you to see the Matrix.

After this victory, Shamshir leads Azuelgett in an invasion on Noigllado.

Trying to compete with Genghis Khan.

Where Shamshir originally found the sword is revealed in a flashback.  Very nice.

The shamshir in the stone.

Everything was fine and dandy until murders started occurring and Shamshir realizes that it’s her dance that is influencing people to commit murders.

A nice angle with Shamshir in the only alternate outfit. Heck, she even changes back into her green garbs to chase after Akiru. Who has the time to do that?

Shamshir’s life spins out of control to the point where Akiru, her friend, becomes possessed by Colada after stealing the blade.  Unfortunately, he is quickly rejected and killed by Colada.

I wonder if that is heat or acid from the sword that is burning his hands.

The Queen and the people become afraid of her power…

From a political standpoint, I'd say they made the most reasonable choice in order to protect the people.

and decides to execute her…

...with her very own Colada. Oh the irony!

She is just about to die when suddenly a lightning bolt knocks the sword out of the executioner’s hand and frees Shamshir.


Then the rest is self explanatory.

She is a Super Saiyajin!

Let the killing begin.

The whole city is destroyed by Shamshir and her Colada.

The story is very confusing as it speeds through Shamshir’s story in 30 minutes.  Many people are disappointed at the fact that there is no development of her character and the battles could be longer.  This story has the potential to be a short series, but the truth is that the original work did not focus on events in detail.  After all an epic is a poem that describes the person’s deeds, so it can only cover so much.  This OVA did just that by showing Shamshir’s rise and fall in a sequence of clips of her timeline.  The emotion and conflicts are definitely present if one were in Shamshir’s position.  The loss of close friends and families and the bloodshed would scar anyone.  So is Shamshir a hero or a demon?  Well I would say she is just a betrayed warrior doing what she has to do to survive.

But wait! One of her friends is still alive after the bloodshed. ↑ There is still hope for Shamshir! yay!


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