[C] – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 01

Money: Dollars, Yen, Euros, etc. Whatever you call it, it is fundamental to the society we have today. The economy, requires money as fuel to keep our daily lives going. [C] – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, shows us a glimpse of the situation of the current economy.

I’d first like to mention that in preparation for this show, I went and finished Persona 3 this morning, as this show is often called, Persona with Money. Except the Personas are called Assets. The Persona cards, incidentally, are based off of Tarot cards.

It even looks like the Sun Arcana.

So far, this plot has been able to instantly grab my attention. The writer for [C], Noboru Takagi, is the same as the one that did Durarara!! and Baccano!, some of my favorite story-telling in anime. The animation is average, nothing too impressive with the first episode. Generally, the first episode is where we show off spectacular artwork, noitaminA!

Opening was a bit disappointing. I had such high hopes for the anime, but I feel the opening was a bit boring.

Looks like a potential spot for the final battlefield. Or it could be a counter of sorts.

To start, we follow the point-of-view of one of the first characters, who has been introduced to the Financial District.

Out of money, he resorts to using the special card.

I love how they used the "money bag" sound effect whenever the driver goes full acceleration.

From here, we see our first battle scene. The character (we don’t get his name revealed) fights Mikuni, who looks like to be the current leader of the Financial District. Why the guy chose to fight the strongest guy in the Financial District, is anyone guess. My prediction is that if you manage to defeat any enemy in the District, you get their remaining funds. The guy was in dire need of money, so maybe fighting the richest guy would result in greater profit.

They summon the Assets out of their cards.

Both the members engaged in battle seem to have this counter on the back. Being a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, it looks like Life Points. However, this show being about money, the numbers probably represent a currency of some sort. Both the summon, called Assets, and the summoner appear to battle with the other team until one is reduced to 0 points. With that, the numbers show a rough approximation of each person’s strength. Seems simple enough.

Mikuni seems to be at least 6 times stronger than the other character.

If my theory is right, that means the loser loses all his money. Suicide is a big problem in Japan because of this. I don’t want to clean up that mess.

Would not have happened if he said behind the damn yellow line.

We go back to Kimimaro Yoga, the protagonist of this story. College student, and holds down two part-time jobs. A diligent worker. His lady friend is pretty cool too, which seems to be his love interest. She has a boyfriend though. NTR-ed.



Kimimaro gets promised money in exchange for his future. When they say future, it is a bit open-ended. It’s like making the deal with the devil. Always read the fine print. I’m interested to see how this turns out. But he does get access to the Financial District. Kind of like the Velvet Room.

500,000 yen worth your life?

My ass, it is never random.

Do it so the story can progress already.

The anime’s premise is good. I hope the staff can follow up with that with better animation quickly. They throw money into everything they do so far. The first episode and I see something related to money every 2 minutes.

New meaning of dirty money.

Like this image, I have no comment about the ending. Really.

Questions I asked myself:

  1. Who made the Financial District?
  2. What would anyone gain by lending money?
  3. Is the Financial District a collection of people, represented as investments, for later use?
  4. Why do the citizen of the Financial District have to battle each other to keep their privilege to use the Financial District?
  5. Who is Masakaki, the contractor?

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