Hidan no Aria – 01

Woot so excited cause I just finished watching live streams of C and Hidan no Aria. C actually looked quite interesting, but you can read all about it when Pw3age releases his post.

Opening scene has Aria Kanzaki rescuing Kinji Tohyama from a Butei killer’s plot. This episode used medias res to tell the story.  Very interesting.

Upside down base jumping while rescuing someone. Mission Impossible has competition. Epic.

Here is a good shot of her pistols…

M1191 pistols

… and his pistol.

Beretta and bullets lying on the night stand like normal everyday items. Interesting lifestyle.

How do you read the name of this laptop?


Good to see that the anime added the morning talk between Kinji and Shiraiyuki just before being targeted by the butei assassination plot.  This way it doesn’t stick to the light novel and manga in a dry fashion.


Of course, Kinji goes into his hysteria mode in order to be hero, but first he must describe the push up bra.

Analysis of Aria

Emotionally unstable girls and guns are not the best combo.

This is a take-over. Hands up and nobody move

After watching the first episode, I thought the show was pretty good, but I noticed there were some choppy frames in the animation.  One unfortunate thing about this ecchi/comedy show is that it is being aired in the same season as a whole bunch of other ecchi shows.  The audience may be desensitized to this series due to the other shows, but then again it is the highest anticipated anime for Spring 2011.


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