Nichijou – 01

... Am I too late for the party?

Late post is late. Apologies to anyone wondering about why I didn’t post episode reviews the past week. I blame exams.

Anyways, first episode was good. We were introduced to the comedy trio of the series – Yukko (I think it should be written as Yuuko, but that’s how it was translated in the manga scanlations), Mai, and Mio. Then we also met Nano and Professor Hakase, the former being the latter’s robotic creation. Now that I think about, there were quite a few characters shown in the episode that hinted at future episodes featuring them. I won’t mention all of them, but I especially like the chemistry between the tsundere girl with the gun and the farmer heir.

Kyoto Animation really outdid themselves for this show. Not that this anime has much to say in terms of detail, but out of all the shows this season, the animation for Nichijou is the most consistent. The style is – how can I put it – easy. But because it follows an easy-styled animation and story, KyoAni can go all out with it. They can put in cheesy reaction faces, highly exaggerated action scenes, or just the most obscure drawing that you can think of. The original manga was pretty fun when I read it for the first time, mostly because of its surreal humor.

Most of you have probably watched this episode already, let alone the second and third as well. I’ll just finish off with a couple of pics that I think sum up the anime:



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