Nichijou – 03

Nichijou - Episode 3 ...

Another enjoyable episode, featuring the debut of Sakamoto, the resident kuroneko at Shinonome Laboratories.

When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you. - Friedrich Nietzsche

The first segment is straight from the original manga, where Yukko attempts to chat with Mai, but Mai doesn’t even listen or glance back. Yukko thinks Mai is angry with her for stuff she did in the past, such as having stolen part of all of Mai’s lunch, or breaking, stealing, burying, returning, stealing again, and finally burning Mai’s Maitreya statue. Eventually, it was revealed that Mai simply had her earphones in, much to Yukko’s relief – except that Mai didn’t know about the last part of the confession.

When in doubt, always carry a spare piece of broccoli in your bag.

Next segment was fairly short, featuring Afro-kun (I have no idea what his name is) and Ms. Sakurai.

When in doubt, always carry a red bean pancake in your afro.

Yukko forgets to do her assignment again (again). She can’t ask Mio for help because she already asked her the other day. But wait, Mai-chan to the rescue–!

To the left is a trigonometry assignment involving the cosine law. To the right is simple algebra... Wait, how long ago was this assignment from?

Next segment shows a typical math lecture at their school.

You should be able to solve this.jpg

Then the teacher becomes threatening.

I can't imagine how this would fare in the North American public educational system.

The segment continues on with Yukko trying not to get picked by the teacher while raising her arm up, but she gets a cramp and can’t bend her arm down. And as you would guess it, she gets picked.

Following along the episode, we head back to Shinonome Labs, where Prof. Hakase and Nano play with Sakamoto, and eventually Hakase develops for a bandanna that allows him to talk. Turns out he was cuter without it out though.


Finally, we reach a segment of Mai vs. Yukko – an epic(ally disappointing) battle involving arm wrestling. Yukko is confident in her strength, so much that she can’t accept the fact that Mai destroys her in every attempt. I laughed at Yukko’s so-called finishing moves – “Earth Dangerous”, “Shooting Shake”, “Death”, “Death” again … Well, it literally ended at “death”. Mai’s and Mio’s reaction faces were pretty funny as well, consisting of disbelief at Yukko’s ignorance and pride. By the end of it, Yukko’s pride is almost completely destroyed, but she still can’t accept defeat. She heads out for a bathroom break, until Mai reminds her that now she owed her that thing at the train station in addition to 23 juices. K.O.

Truth be told, my friends and I had matches like these during high school as well. Small world, huh.

I skipped out mentioning the segment between the Principal and Vice Principal, but I found it to be the funniest segment in the entire episode. It involved the Principal finding a voodoo doll that belonged to the Vice Principal. I didn’t care much about the significance behind it, but I laughed at the Principal’s distressed panting.

Problem, Mr. Principal?

Well, that wraps up my review for the 3rd episode of Nichijou. Looking forward to next week’s episode.

Until next time.


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