Dog Days – 03

Magicial loli genius voiced by Nana Mizuki. Hell yes originality.

Dog Days is at it again. This time with more money, fanservice, and lolis.

So we learn that war is all about the money. At least the fighting makes it better than a sport. Oh wait, I forgot the soldiers join only for some extra cash. So it is a sport.

It is always about the money.

We also learn the mechanics behind the battles. Lands where they fight are blessed with mystical spells that prevent people from even bruising. it’s_magic_don’t_have_to_explain_shit.jpg. With some goddess protecting them from getting hurt, nothing can go wrong, right?

Wait, people die when they are killed?

Are they considered monsters by definition too?

We get introduced to Gaul, Leo’s younger brother. And guess what? He actual goes and does something interesting. He kidnaps the princess an hour and a half before her concert to challenge the hero Shinku. Refreshing foil to the happy-go-lucky Hero. Brilliant evil work, apart from the fact he blatantly announced his actions on public television.That’s no fun at all. And I was looking forward to his character too.

>myfacewhen he can do that

The more I watch this episode, the more I want to read this intra-continental treaty.  Or is that against the treaty to view it? Seems like to me everyone doesn’t know what the treaty actually contains and are making up rules as they go, and everyone just follows them. Who needs a governing body when you have DA TREATY. I’m also interested in what weapon Gaul uses to fight. Spear, hopefully?

P.S.: I apolgize for the late post. To compensate, look forward to my more detail review of Scarlet Knight PV, the opening to Dog Days, by Nana Mizuki. Once I find a Nana video that isn’t deleted every ten minutes on Youtube. Look forward to it (Nana fan reporting in)

I wonder why their mouths moved all the way to the side when the camera prespective changes. Cannot unsee


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