Steins;Gate – 03

Why don't you come read this post if you’re bored?

At the beginning of this episode, Makise explains how she found out where the “laboratory” is, and that she had knocked on the door already. Apparently, Daru had told her the location of the “laboratory”.

Nice feet shoes.

Okarin tells Makise to take off her shoes. Those shoes looks awesome, in my opinion. After she takes off her shoes, she formally introduces herself, and greets Okarin with a handshake. Knowing Okarin, he ignores her and diverts the topic elsewhere.

Makise: Shake hands? Okarin: It can't be helped.

Makise, Okarin, and Daru then proceeds on talking about perverted/ecchi stuff, the gel banana, and the phone microwave.  When Makise got onto the topic of the phone microwave, Okarin was hesitant, and didn’t want Makise to know about it. Daru suggested that Makise might be able to explain how the phone microwave works, and Okarin thought of an idea. He will tell Makise the secret of the phone microwave on two conditions. 1- Become a member of this laboratory. 2- Forget any sexual harassment he’s done to her. Makise accepts, and becomes member #4.

Disgusted, with a side of blush.

Well, after all the talking, they go forward with experimenting with the phone microwave, as they think it is a time machine.

Stop, drop, roll!

The microwave malfunctions because Shiina opens the door to the microwave as it was still in the experimenting process. Even though there was massive electricity, the experiment was a success. The experiment was sending a text to a cellphone while that cellphone is connected to the microwave, and turning the microwave on. The theory behind this is that the text will travel towards the past, and be in your history when you check. Even though the experiment was a success, the microwave could no longer produce gel bananas.

Yum yum. It is canned Oden

Human is Dead, mismatch.

Well, this was an exciting episode. A cliffhanger is once again used at the end of this episode. The plot thickens, and Makise is still awesome.


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