Hidan no Aria – 02

This episode should cover events from the second half of chapter 2 to the end of chapter 3 in the light novel.

That is a lot of calories. She should watch her diet.

This episode continues from the point where Aria crashes at Kinji’s place. As they eat dinner, Aria tries to persuade Kinji to rejoin Assault. In the light novel, which contains more thoughts from the main character, one gets a completely different perspective. Aria is portrayed as annoying. During the same scene in the anime, it seemed as if Aria is the more knowledgeable one whereas Kinji is just a lazy bum, who does not want to improve his own life. The facial expressions and tone delivered in the anime changes the mood ever so slightly.


I loved the manga styled still image of Shiraiyuki when she finds out Kinji was the one involved in the bicycle bomb incident. This simply catches the viewer’s attention because of the sudden change in colour and texture. Plus, white is always good for depicting shock because of the blinding feeling you get when there is too much of it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (I’m sure there is no harm in contributing to the moment.)

During the same encounter, we also get a glimpse of Shiraiyuki’s dark side as her emotions fluctuate from worry to hostility to happiness to suspicion and finally neglect. To undergo such dramatic emotional changes is probably not good for person’s well being. Kinji should probably pay more attention to her to prevent Shiraiyuki from certain physiological and psychological consequences.

He needs an optometrist.

After watching the scene, did anyone thinking yandere? I wonder how evil she can really be under that happy/beautiful face. Let’s see how she develops in the later episodes.

After Kinji manages to avoid trouble with Shiraiyuki, he runs into trouble with Aria as he accidentally sees her naked.

Oops does not seem to cover it.

This is a very typical accidental perverse scene that exists in many ecchi series, but it never fails to grab the audience’s attention.

And he fails to give a proper excuse. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Kodachi with anti-Kinji attachment.

If you’re hoping for more fighting and abuse as described in the light novels, you won’t see it because the anime skips that scene. This is good because it keeps the comedic fight scenes at an appropriate level. Fighting does ensue the next morning.

*insert moaning sound*

During school, Kinji searches for a lost kitty for a mission. YES! the stereotypical “find the missing animal” mission that exists in many animes. I wonder how hard it would be to search for an animal. It seems like it would be trying to find a needle in a haystack. Now the one thing that seemed suspicious is the fact that the lost kitten was neatly placed in a box with water all around it. Suspicious! Somebody may have set this up!

That is a very unusual setup.

Later on we get to learn a bit about Riko when Kinji asks her to provide information on Aria’s background. Riko is an exuberant character as we learn she loves galge games and teasing Kinji. The best part is when her eyes light up. Very funny.

At least she holds out better than Aria when it comes to sex related topics.

Finally the scene ends with Kinji agreeing to help Aria. Not much to say about the ending scene.

*No comment* Just let your imagination run wild.


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