[C] – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 02

[C] may have an mildly interesting story, but that doesn’t excuse the terrible CGI randomly inserted into some scenes.

Almost every time Masakaki appeared in this episode, he was computer-animated.

I haven’t seen anything this bad since the Princess Resurrection OVAs. Concidently, the producers for [C]Tatsunoko Production, also did the OVAs, which is one of their most recent projects to boot. Don’t bother watching it if you didn’t read the manga (hell, steer clear of it if you did read the manga). It was that bad. Not a good streak so far, Tatsunoko.

Kimimaro fights his first Deal, against a vetern. He summons Mashu, his Asset. More money related terms being thrown into the fray.

I rather like Mashu’s character. Maybe it is just Haruka voicing her.

This whole scenario of the summon defending the master reminds me of Fate/Stay Night. The master has too much morals to let a girl take the shot for him. Yet he didn’t do anything to contribute to the fight. If you want to do something right, do it yourself. Even if doing something right might cost you your life.

Also, whenever the Assets get hurt, they are make money noises. Much like the taxi in epsiode 1.

The mask reminds me too much of Meta Knight. The horns kind of too.

Kimimaro wins about $25 000 for winning the fight (he had about $15 000 before). So my suspicion about getting the remaining money from the loser was correct. It really is an all-or-nothing gamble in the Financial District. No mercy.

We briefly see a cameo of another important character, Satou Jennifer. She is an agent for the IMF, which should be the International Monetary Fund.

Now Kimimaro now has the ability to discern normal money from the Midas Money. It probably is related to the King Midas tale, where the ones who touch (or see the money) will be blessed with wealth, but cursed with misfortune. Greed is a recurring theme in this anime. Honestly, a profit that big seems almost worth whatever penalty there is to losing a Deal and going Bankrupt. They haven’t explained what Bankrupt really means either, apart from the general definition.

This episode is opens more questions than answers. We still know nothing behind the Financial District besides the battle mechanics. No idea who controls it for what purpose either. The pacing seems almost a bit too slow. The characters seems generic so far. The only remedying feature so far is that Souichirou may have an interesting plan behind the scenes of both the real world and the Financial District in store for the world. He admitted he has spent a lot of money already.

Mashu and Q share a rivalry. They have similar character designs, with horns, colored bodies, and pointed ears, so they are likely related. Not surprising.


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