[C] – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Rules

After weeks of complaining about not knowing the rules of Financial District, I finally get a chart that explains everything.

tl;dr: [C] is serious BUSINESS

But reading all this, really makes me see [C] anime into a new light. Basically, I’ll try to summarize this chart and explain what it really means will probably happen in the anime.

  • Entrepreneurs must duel once a week
  • Entrepreneurs can bid for who to Deal
  • The Entrepreneur that bid the most every night will win the right to duel
  • The bidded Entrepreneur gets the money equal to the top bid
  • If an Entrepreneur has not Dueled in 6 days, the Midas Bank automatically arranges a Duel
  • Duel include one Entrepreneur and one Asset for both teams
  • There are two ways to attack: Direct and Asset Investment
  • Direct Investment means attacking with Entrepreneur, dealing more damage but exposes the Entrepreneur
  • Indirect Investment means using Midas Money to attack through your Asset, using their Flations, or special ability
  • Flations have 3 levels:  micro, mezzo, or macro
  • The winner of the Duel are determined by money used and lost and gained
  • The winner of the Duel gets all the money used in the Duel by their opponents
  • Every Asset comes with a card, along with 10 stocks
  • Entrepreneurs can buy more Assets using these stocks
  • Entrepreneurs with stocks to a winning Asset will receive 5% of the profit made in Duels

The more I read this, the more glad I am I didn’t take Econ in school, and I never will. This stuff is annoying to learn. There are more details like how much will be won per duel and how to buy more Assets, but I doubt that will be too relevant.

The important bits of info to gather from this is that you can buy the privilege to fight someone. I assume fighting newbies would be easy money, so people may challenge Kimimaro again for more money. However, the more people bid for the newbies, the more money the newbie makes, because they get the top bid’s value. This mean Kimimaro made some money for being challenged.

What is also important is that Assets can be bought from other Entrepreneurs. In the Financial District, Mashu and Q are noted for being strong Assets. It’s likely that another Entrepreneur will attempt to buy Mashu soon, because she showed high potential in her last fight, despite having a new Entrepreneur. This also may explain Mashu’s attitude to Kimimaro. She may realize that soon, she might work with a new Entrepreneur if someone buys her.

Honestly, I’m glad I decided to watch [C], the animation is very bad, but the story makes up for it.

NOTE: This chart is translated information from the official website.


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