Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – Episode 2

I’m going to try something different this week, to see if it turns out better. It will assume you have watched the episode, though, so I can go more in depth with some discussion.

First of all, I’m still finding it hard to take Erio’s stories seriously, since I, like the protagonist, don’t have the slightest clue of what the truth is. The anime is doing a good job putting us into the shoes of the main character, keeping us unsure on the legitimacy of Erio’s story. From the little that we’ve seen, most of the evidence points to Erio living in her own little fantasy world, pretending aliens are real and that she’s been sent on some sort of mission. Strong evidence for discounting her abilities comes from Meme’s description of how Erio attempted to fly. Based on this, I think that the series could be looking to expand on the relationships present, between Makoto and his (current) acquaintances. I very highly doubt this series could take off in a true sci-fi direction, with aliens and whatnot, and instead I think it will focus more on the human side of alien sightings and encounters, and the interactions between people who do and don’t believe.

A happy and carefree girl, but oddly paranoid about bicycle safety.

As for the characters that have been introduced, it’s nice to see that none have really followed the archetypes that are usually present in anime. None of Makoto’s acquaintances from school have been fleshed out fully, since we’ve not really seen any deviation from how they’ve first been represented. As the show progresses, I’m fairly certain there will be times where they do have arguments, and I think that those times will be good opportunities to get a feel for what the characters’ actual personalities are.

Alien indoctrination gone wrong?

In closing, I think that this episode gave a fairly good impression of how the series will turn out. Based on what happened in these two episodes, this show could have been categorized as a slice of life, with some sci-fi mixed in. The show hasn’t really lived up to its sci-fi label as of yet, but I feel it’s fairly solid as of now, even without those elements.

ET reference is always welcome.

An addendum of sorts about various other small things: I liked what they did with the ending, but I’m not sure if they’ll be animating a new one each time. The two endings shows so far have both been very nice, and certain themes have been present in each one. I see definite parallels between the UFO’s and the bicycles in the two openings. Another thing I took particular note of is the background music. I was definitely aware of it, but I felt that it gave a really nice mood without being too overbearing in terms of presence.


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