Dog Days – 04

Never expected animal ninjas to invade Dog Days, did you now? More likely than you think.

I am kicking rainbows out mah foot.

In some ways, I found Dog Days disappointing, but it does have the few redeeming features. The attack effects are pretty cool.

And the delicious loli voiced by Nana Mizuki, playing a role that’s 1/3 her age.

But with the ninjas adding to the already large cast of magical scientists and aggressive royalty, I often forget about the human hero. There are more well-developed side characters fighting for the role of main character in this anime.

The only intimidating character in the show. His voice gives him super strength!

The episode reminds me, is the Dog Princess friends with EVERYONE? When is she going to war with a real enemy? You know, friendly conversing with your captors can be consider the first stage of Stockholm syndrome. The conditions develops when the captors start showing some degree of kindness to the hostage. Good think he didn’t give her food and toys. Oh wait…

I would like to draw to your attention that this is not a katana. It resembles a zanbatō far more than any other Japanese sword.

But damn, this show shows a lot of cool weapons. Spears, flails, dual daggers, they all make it look pretty cool. Too bad none of them are using them right.

Magical brofist shooting out stars.


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