Steins;Gate – 04

Oh? Not reading this, are we? Time for some punishment!

8D 78 FF FF FF 51 8D 8D 7C...... 

Apparently this hex code is the secret (or clue) behind time traveling. Daru went nuts trying to crack the code. You need an IBN 5100 computer to translate the code. So once again, the search for the IBN 5100 continues.

Trading cards. Water element!

Somehow, the character from the card reminds me of Madoka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Although the eye color and hair ribbon is different, it’s practically the same in my eyes.

Reach out into the sky!

Shiina has a habit of reaching out into the sky/stars. Okarin dubs it the Stardust Shake Hand. I guess this is something like a daydream for her?

Resting on her bed, with (some of) her clothes off.

We finally see Makise again. Her shoes are still awesome.

Jackpot! IBN 5100!

After searching for countless hours, Okarin finally gets his hand on an IBN 5100. Apparently, Ruka’s dad owns this computer. Someone gave it to him 10 years ago, saying a young man would appear, and needed the IBN 5100.

Well, I think this episode was kind of slow-paced. The main points were Daru found some hex code that needed an IBN 5100 to translate and Okarin finding the IBN 5100. Hopefully, next episode will be more exciting to watch. Though, I was watching the hockey game when I saw this episode…


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