Hidan no Aria – 03

Yay for the action packed episode. This episode covers most of chapter 3 in the light novel. The anime deviates a bit from the light novel, but in a good way that improves the plot.

An effect that is very similar to the one caused by the Poptart Cat.

In the beginning segment we see Aria and Kinji hang out. To be more accurate, Aria was following Kinji wherever he went. It was a very simple comedic routine. The best part was when we are able to see a cuter and nicer side of Aria due to the influence of Leopons.

She is almost as divine as Madoka.

Then we jump ahead to the next day. Kinji misses the bus to school and receives Aria’s call for the mission to save fellow Butei students from a bus jacking on the exact same bus that he missed. What are the chances of that happening? A few changes in the anime that I noted was the fact that Kinji completely missed the bus, whereas in the light novel he missed it because it was jam packed. This change shortens the sequence because it skips Kinji’s conversation with Muto. It gives the anime a better and faster development.


After Kinji receives the call, it seems like he immediately rushes to the school to meet up with Aria in order to start the mission. What I still don’t understand is how Kinji manages to get to the school in a reasonable amount of time. If we think about it logically, he either takes the bus or rides his bicycle to school every morning. If he walked, it would mean precious moments lost for the mission. Even if he ran, it didn’t seem to have a heavy breath. It just seemed like there was a slight hiccup in the transition.

Finally the last thing I noticed was the weather. The light novel described it as rainy, NOT sunny. Just an FYI.

Sidenote: The anime quickly flashed to this image of the Leopon inside Kinji’s pocket. This hints at Kinji’s inner feelings/thoughts towards Aria, but you can imagine all the romance on your own.

Ninja time.

Cause this is an anime about guns and fighting!

Looking calm and cool as always.

The Butei students are down, Aria is wounded, and Kinji is useless. The situation looks grim as the bus is seconds away from exploding when Reki appears out of nowhere on an attack helicopter and saves the day by sniping through the gap of the bridge railing and destroying the attachment frame, thus releasing the bomb from the bus.

I feel that the anime was not realistic in showing Reki’s shot. If that Uzi was able to penetrate the bus wall, then I’m sure the sniper rifle bullet can do more than just knocking the screw loose off.  I’m sure it would have penetrated the attachment frame and the plastic explosive. I wonder if the production team chose not to draw it penetrating the bomb in order to prevent future arguments on whether the bomb would or would not have explode due to the bullet impact. Because if it does, the show would be over and the main characters would be dead.

Here is a little fun fact.

Reki’s scope is a PSO-1 scope. The rangefinder is the numbers curving down and to the left. The bullet drop compensation is the line of chevrons down the middle. The wind adjustment is the horizontal dashes across the middle.

Friendly fire!


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