Nichijou – 04

"You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind."

Whenever I watch the latest episode of an anime series, such as this one, I ask myself – why do I still watch it? Sometimes it is due to pure commitment, sometimes it is due to pure interest. But my main problem is that I tend to drop a series near the middle or end of it. Why? It goes back to the question, “Why do I still watch it?”.

So why mention this? It’s because Nichijou has convinced me thus far that I definitely cannot, and will not, drop it. Every episode so far has been unique, albeit completely random and nonsensical. I am loving how each episode of the show divides itself into smaller segments, rather than drag the show into long, pointless, and filler-driven episodes (like a lot of series nowadays). Then again, I guess you could consider Nichijou to be all-filler anyways. But ultimately, it does the job well.

I'm more surprised that he can hold and eat that food without making a mess.

Take, for instance, the character Sasahara. If I had to rank the characters of the show (arbitrarily), he would be top tier. There hasn’t been a single boring segment that featured him. Hell, even in this episode, Sasahara made me laugh from his nonsensical responses to Ms. Sakurai’s questions regarding his strange behavior.

Although another certain anime series features girls wielding cool weapons and guns, not even they can compare to the sheer arsenal that Tachibana Misato unleashes.

I’ve probably mentioned or implied this already, but I also also really enjoy the chemistry between Nano and Hakase. They may not be the funniest segments, but they certainly are the sweetest. Between you and me, I’m afraid of contracting diabetes when I watch these two together.

Hakase, being a brilliant mad scientist and all, is able to convince Nano into buying a mini-snowman.

Also, Sakamoto is my favorite character. And he isn’t even human.

Fact: Cats don't like eating shaved ice for lunch.

Out of the main trio, Mai was probably the most underrated. But after this episode, I think she became the new fan favorite. I mean, she basically spent the rest of the exam period trolling distracting Yukko from finishing her own exam paper. From just this scene, Mai has become top tier alongside Sasahara.


Some more screenshots that I included, simply because one image alone can’t describe this hilarious segment (hover over the images for short commentary):

The episode also introduced the unnamed boy and girl from the soccer and Go club, respectively. I have no idea what is going on between these two, especially from the random segment of the guy playing RLGL with the girl. I can only assume that there are romantic implications between the two, but because nothing in the show makes sense, I don’t expect too much serious business involved.


And then there’s Nakanojo, the dude with the blonde mohawk – but as he explained to Ms. Sakurai, his hair doesn’t grow from the sides at all. In other words, he was born with a natural mohawk.

He tries to go for a normal look, but then his own mother can't even recognize him.

Finally, we reach the climax of the episode. As I stated above, Mai is now considered top tier. This episode has shown her to be one of the greatest trolls ever in a slice-of-life anime. Yukko tries to crack a joke to Mai, but Mai retaliates with a few jokes of her own – and not in the conventional sense.


Watch this part of the episode for yourself, but I can’t believe that I fell for Mai’s act as well. I felt what Yukko felt, and it felt pretty awkward. Well played, Mai, well played.

Until next time.


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