Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – Episode 3

Delay in this post brought to you by Mass Effect 2 and the Geth. Also, obligatory spoiler warning.

So, episode 3 is out, and introduces some very interesting facts for us to try and dissect and piece back together. First, though, it’s worthwhile to mention that things have pretty much settled down in Makoto’s life and that he’s gotten adjusted to the strange habits of his friends.We’ve found out that Maekawa actually cosplays and goes out at night, which is far from normal even for your typical anime character. I’m looking forward to how Shaft will develop these characters further, while still keeping their personalities interesting and fresh.

One thing I’m slightly irked by is that Makoto seems to have indeed been placed at the back of the class, by the window. It’s an interesting thing to do, but then again, it plays into that stereotype of the typical anime lead. In either case, it seems to direct the attention of the series away from school, or at least during class. Since Makoto’s friends are basically out of a reasonable communicable range, There’s a far smaller chance of  character development happening in class.

I guess it couldn't be helped.

I was extremely impressed by the fact that Makoto confronted Erio, in a very direct and straightforward way that I didn’t expect. He got straight to what he thought were the issues Erio had, and didn’t beat around the bush. I liked Erio’s reaction, which strongly communicated the feeling of denial. There was no outburst of emotion, not even a specific retort to Makoto’s points. I do like that the episode ended with Makoto getting through somewhat, but I also felt it was an extremely ridiculous method, which almost detracted from the result for me.

From what I’ve seen in these three episodes, I’m inclined to believe that the series as a whole will focus on Erio’s change into a more rational human being. To what extent she’ll change is still unclear to me, but I feel it should be less dramatic and more subtle, which I prefer over more radical changes.

A silly outer appearance conceals her deep thoughts.

Erio’s issues aside, I also liked how this episode developed Maekawa and Ryuuko. The scene in the playground with Maekawa, as well as the scene in the cafe with Ryuuko gave brief but telling insight into their characters. For example, Maekawa’s statement on the existence of aliens gets across her more serious side, as opposed to what we’ve seen in previous episodes. The same occurs with Ryuuko, who expresses her thoughts about how everyday life is really a mystery (Never a miscommunication. You can’t explain that.).

Another delightful ending animation.

A final note: It looks like the ending will indeed be unique for each episode, and so far all three have been exceptionally well done. I don’t see any particularly notable themes between all three endings so far, so I’ll just leave it at that. Hopefully, Shaft will be able to put out something as nice as the ones already released every episode, which isn’t too implausible given what we’ve seen from them in the past.


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