[C] – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 03

Financial Districts, Financial Districts everywhere.

Boring episode. I know character development is important to make stories more alive, but its often so boring it often puts me to sleep. [C] is more plot-driven, so seeing some interesting twists and turns in the story would make it more interesting. The most we see this episode is about the undercover spy, Jennifer Satou, that watches Souichirou and the Financial District. Money is on the fact that Souichirou and Masakai already know her true role.

She has a point, in half-decent Engrish. How is such a noticeable amount of money flowing into the economy without anyone noticing it? Isn’t that what governments are for? Someone is doing their job wrong. Or maybe they are getting paid to do their job wrong.

So Kimimaro’s dad was in the District too, making money like crazy.

Making loads of money. Money train! Looks like he was saving up for his family. Seems like a good guy, too bad he didn’t live to see his son bitch at him.

Kimimaro now has a decision of staying in the District. But we all know what his choice is going to be, right? Why else would they make him the protagonist?

She jelly.


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