Steins;Gate – 05

Don't make Shiina sad. Read this post.

Get your fighting stance ready!

Continuing where they left off last episode, Okarin and Makise carry the IBN 5100 back to the lab. When they arrive outside of the lab, they see Suzuha. Once Suzuha makes eye contact with Makise, she quickly makes her stance.

The IBN 5100 arrives safely to it's designated location.

After they get the IBN 5100 inside the lab safely, Daru tells Okarin to go buy him parts, as he can’t hook it up to anything yet.

Cheap parts for sale!

While Okarin goes to Akiba to buy the parts, he sees Suzuha. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

Huh? Something other than DK. Pepper?

It looks like Suzuha’s drinking some SWEET. This is a new drink in the show.

Makise in a lab coat. New refreshing look!

I can’t help but notice Okarin’s face looks a little weird. Maybe it’s because I’m looking at it from a different point of view? Anyways, Makise looks astonishing in that white lab coat.

What is this in the background?

It's The Thinker.

We once again encounter The Thinker in this series.

Makise crying. Cute~

Wow. It is the first time we see Makise cry. I think it’s quite cute, actually. She cries because Okarin yells right in her face.

Load faster dammit!

Daru finally finishes hooking up the IBN 5100 to his computer. They find out many secret files that SERN wrote. Apparently, SERN has already made a time machine, but it’s still imperfect. They have already sent 14 humans into the past, which all of them died, hence the human is dead, mismatch.

Hmm. I found this episode quite slow at the beginning, and fast paced at the end. And also from this episode, I’ve confirmed my suspicion of Makise being a tsundere. Hopefully, we’ll get onto some more time travel scenes next episode. And don’t forget to read my first post on my figures tomorrow.


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