Hidan no Aria – 04

Hey guys! The fourth episode was not as action packed as the previous episode but it contained many elements of character history. This episode served more as a revelation and a teaser to the fighting scenes that will most likely come later.

Gun-kata. Reminds me of the movie Equilibrium.

Things I liked about this episode:

–          Learning more about Kinji’s brother.

–          Being reminded that being a Butei is similar to being a professional in any field.  People will hold you responsible if something goes wrong.

–          Learning about Aria’s driving force that keeps her going: her mother. Her mother is probably also skilled in detective work as she knows about Aria’s scar on her forehead despite Aria’s attempt to cover it up.

–          The sexually suggestive scene with Riko cause it is a must.

Normally a guy should enjoy this moment, but remember all the girls in this anime carry guns and knives so they can kill you anytime.

–          The epic gun-kata scene where Riko and Aria are only alive because their bulletproof school uniforms are protecting them. The animation is very choppy like the ones scene in the Dragonball fight scenes.

800 years on such a kind looking lady. What a shame.

Things I did not like about this episode:

–          The sexually suggestive scene with Riko cause it takes away from the usual pattern of seriousness.

–          The connection that Kinji made in Hysteria mode about Aria meeting the Butei-killer on the plane. It did not seem like a very good connection. I reminded me of the batman video.

–          Riko’s hair being able to turn super saiyan and then use it grab her knives.  To pass of the hair movement as an ability, it seemed fake. If they said the hair had Nano machines in it, then it would seem more likely. I think this is where the story starts to become fantasy.

muahahahahaha! I'll slice and dice you!


–          If Riko planned the entire match making, then does she know about Kinji’s Hysteria mode? Since Kinji was only able to make the connection about Aria meeting the killer in this special mode.

–          If Aria is afraid of thunder, then how does she handle bigger guns and flash bangs? Will she also cower when the enemy uses those against her?

Please leave your opinions and comments down below. I would like to know that I at least have a small audience, instead of throwing my words into empty space.


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