Steins;Gate – 06

Yay, you're reading this!

Texting away.

First, we see Kiryuu again. It’s been 4 episodes since she first appeared. I think she’s obsessed with her phone. This kind of reminded me of Meru Otonashi from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, where she wouldn’t talk and only used her cellphone to communicate with someone. Though, Kiryuu can still talk.

Group meeting?

I believe this is this is the first time Okarin, Shiina, Makise, Suzuha, Daru, and the shopkeeper(Yuugo Tennouji) has gathered in a single scene.

You know it... It's DK. Pepper.

Man, Okarin loves his DK. Pepper as much as my classmate likes Dr. Pepper.

Man, I just love Shiina’s confused and happy face.

I also love Makise’s face.

Mad scientist!

Anyways, back on the plot. Okarin, Daru, Shiina, and Makise tries to do more experiment with the phone microwave.

More gel-banana.

After testing Okarin’s theory on how to send the text message back to the past(they dubbed this D-mail), they produced a gel-banana.

Being the smart tsundere Makise is, she made a list about the things she observed. First, there needs to be electricity to appear. What causes the electricity to appear? The time between 12pm and 6pm, perhaps? Maximum number of letters that can be sent in one text? 12 half-width or 6 full-width, times 3. So about 36 English letters or 18 Japanese letters. One second entered on the microwave equals one hour in real life. So 120 seconds(microwave) = 120 hours(real life) = 5 days(real life). And anything placed inside the microwave while this is happening will turn into gel, and be teleported.

You're lab member #5!

After a while, Kiryuu appears in front of the door while Okarin was still half asleep. She communicates to him through texting. All she wanted to do was to look at the IBN 5100, and borrow it. Then, all the lab members come in one by one, talking about the phone microwave. Obviously, Okarin doesn’t want Kiryuu to know about the microwave. She then texts him something about FB. After a few seconds, Okarin decides he will tell her about the microwave. Kiryuu becomes lab member #5.

This was quite a decent episode. Stay tuned for my second figure post tomorrow! And if you didn't see my figure post from last week, here it is.


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