Steins;Gate – 07

Read this post and get a hug from Shiina.

So we start off with Okarin forcefully yanking out the microwave door. Why did he do that? I don’t know. Carrying on, they want to continue the experiment, so Okarin checks to see if the shopkeeper is here. It turns out he isn’t here, so they start the experiment.

Electric + Microwave = time travel?

I am surprised by the fact that no one gets hurt by the electric surrounding the microwave. Okarin even puts his hand on the microwave, and it doesn’t shock him. A normal microwave should have 120 volts powering it. It takes around 100 milliamp(mA) to kill someone. Human skin has roughly around 100,000 ohms of resistance, so your body would be taking in around 120 mA of current, and you can die. Of course, the resistance of your skin can vary, but after contacting with the 120 volt, the resistance will drop. In this scene, the electric was spazzing around for 57 seconds. A full minute of touching 120 volts will kill you for sure. Anyways, enough about the logic.


Makise went out and bought some snacks. There wasn’t any DK. Peper, so Okarin was a bit mad. Personally, I think this drink will taste awful. Yams and onions mixed in with the fruits and vegetable doesn’t sound so appealing to me.

So they proceed on what they should do with the time machine. Shiina wanted to work towards world piece, while Okarin wants to win the lottery from a week ago, by applying the principles of the time machine to send the winning numbers back a week. Okarin was hesitant about winning first prize(200,000,000 yen) or second prize(23,110,800 yen), so he ended up going for third prize(700,000 yen).

During the experiment, Okarin was actually hesitant about sending the winning numbers back to the past, as it might create a time paradox, but he sends it anyways. Okarin was shocked on the result. He had traveled a few minutes back in time, and no one except him remembered the experiment.

Winning lottery numbers, a week late!

Apparently, Okarin had told Ruka to buy the winning numbers. He did buy them, but forgot to give it to Okarin.

DK. Pepper and Prangles.

Remember when Makise went out to buy some snacks, and DK. Pepper wasn’t there? Well, there’s some DK. Pepper and Prangles here now. So after a while, Okarin texts John Titor and asks him some question. What John Titor wants is trying to change the future, so it  doesn’t become a dystopia. Okarin holds the power to change the future, so Titor wants him to become the messiah.

This episode was a nice one. The messiah part reminded me of Eden of the East.


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