No one will read this anyways

Huh our blog is still rundown as it has always been.  No big surprise there.  It seems that everyone stopped a long time ago since it was so time consuming to blog.  Every post was a long review and capturing the perfect picture from the anime also took a long time.

Hmm well I’m just bored right now so I am going to give myself 10 minutes to write about anything anime related that I had done today.

Let’s see… I watched Daily Life of Highschool Boys episode 3.  That was quite funny.  It seemed to have recovered a bit from the disappointment that is episode 2.  This week they brought out new gags and they introduced the female counterparts of the group of boys.  This tactic to somewhat return to the common theme  of daily life of highschool girls is somewhat disappointing since I was hoping for the producers to be able to pull of a great comedy with only guys in it, but sadly no.  I guess what is required to increase audience numbers must be done, after all anime girls receive more attention. e.g. K-On!, Haruhi.

Hmm… seems like that’s all I’ve got to say for today.


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One Response to No one will read this anyways

  1. Henrietta says:

    I read dis.
    Dis I like.

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