It’s the Weekend!

Weekends are the best because you get to relax and watch more anime!

It’s time for my usual 10 minute short blog.  Right now it is 11:23 pm.  Let’s see how far I can get.

I watched Amagami SS+ episode 4 last night.  I have to say that this anime is unique for its story line since it is based off of a dating game.  The main character Junichi switches girlfriends every two or so episodes but they are never in the same universe.  So it’s more like he exists in several parallel universes which equal a harem (but not really a harem) that transcends space and time limitations.  This episode displayed a long series of intimate moments of Junichi and his close childhood friends.  It was nice but “they were being cockblocked too many times” -Pw3age.  Also, I found that the girl had too little lines.  Yes in real life it is nice to have that intimate atmosphere, but when you have long periods of silence in anime entertainment, it ruins the entertainment value as it quite difficult/expensive to do these scenes with detailed expressions.  Scenes like this would be better in entertainment with live actors since they can actually portray the emotion with their facial expressions.

Then I also watched Zero no Tsukaima F episode 2 today.  Yes I was actually shocked that I did not commit to catching up with a show that I intended to watch…


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