High School Girls

This week’s episode of Daily Life of Highschool Boys is hilarious, even though they took the common route of having a school cultural event with girls taking up half the air time.  The funny thing is the girls did not behave nicely like all the other animes.  It actually reflected reality more accurately with the girls acting awkward and violent and possessive when sweets come into play.  I was actually disappointed that Yoshitake and Hidenori only got screen time as background characters cheering on in the crowd.  Tadakuni mistook two look alikes of his best friends twice throughout the episode.  Seems like he needs a pair of glasses.  Also, literature girl didn’t appear either.  At one point I thought she had her back to the camera at the reception but it was impossible to identify her.  Too bad I didn’t see a cameo of her at the festival.  Oh well.


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