HEVN’s thoughts and predictions on how Weiss Schwarz Project DIVA will fail, and perhaps, BM it? ;)


As some of you Weiss Schwarz/Vocaloid fans may or may not know, Weiss Schwarz is releasing a series for Vocaloid, called Project DIVA. Here are some of my thought on this new series to Weiss Schwarz.

At first glace, I think this is great news because more people will learn about Weiss Schwarz. But as I soon ponder deeper and deeper, I think it won’t succeed. As both the trial deck and booster will be released at the same month (2013 March 9th, and March 30), I think this is a marketing plan to sell as fast as they can so they can make a profit before it declines.

Most people will pre-order the stuff before it’s actually put onto the market. There’s a chance that Vocaloid fans will research the game, Weiss Schwarz, before they pre-order it. As some of you may know, in order to get a decent deck in Weiss Schwarz, a trial deck is enough. But if you really want to power it up, you’ll need to buy boosters. Not just one, not just two, but many, many boosters to make an “overpowered” deck. So the fans will probably see this, and pre-order a decent amount of boosters.
As for Weiss Schwarz players, they might think of this as a good chance to start another series (though, I doubt they’ll pick Vocaloid, as Accel World, Robotics;Notes, Milky Holmes 2, Sword Art Online, and other new series will be released/are already released.), and pre-order the trial deck and boosters. People won’t know what cards and abilities will be in the trial deck and booster before the release date, so they’re buying this stuff blindly. As for the reason why I think it’s a marketing plan, it is because after you pre-order it, there’s basically no way of turning back. The trial deck will be shipped to you first. After you open it, you see all the shitty cards, and say “Wtf?! These are crap! F***! I bought the boosters too! F***! Now I f***ing regret buying this shit!” Then the boosters arrive, and you’ll be even more disappointing about your purchase. and commit seppuku. If the trial deck isn’t full of crap cards, why would they push the release date of the booster to 3 weeks after the release of the trial deck?
(*Note: Pre-ordering Weiss Schwarz stuff before the release date are usually cheaper)

Idk man. It’s pretty late and I’m hungry. Vocaloid cards are gonna be crap. Sword Art Online’s trial deck hasn’t been announced yet. Still waiting for it so I can pre-order it. Btw, if anyone has any of these cards for sale, please leave a comment. Also, shout outs to Karen for baking me cookies if I League with her, and meet up with her irl.


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