HEVN’s thought on how he did on an online tournament

._. In an online skype tournament for Weiss Schwarz, there were 10 people who participated. A-Invasion had 3 people who joined, and 2 of our other friends joined in as well. I placed 4th, with 2 wins, 2 loses. We all had 4 matches total. I played against the 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, and 3rd place winner. I won against the 3rd place winner. The 3rd place winner had 3 wins, 1 lost. He played against the 6th place, 2nd last place, and last place. Why are our brackets so opposite of each other ._. He had a free win too (last place had to do something, so he couldn’t play the rest of his matches, hence the free win). I feel like that I should of been 3rd place instead, because I beat the 3rd place winner, and lost against 1st and 2nd place. 1st place winner convinced me of how he got 1st place through our match. He’s just too good. 2nd place winner had microphone issues, so she couldn’t talk and had to type. I felt that I could of did better against her if she had her microphone, but she was legit. She only lost against 1st place winner. Bombsaflying didn’t do so well, because he drew 3 climaxes at beginning, mulligan, clock one climax, draw another climax, and trigger some. And if any of you attendees to the tournament read this and feel insulted, then meh. It’s just my personal opinion. And here are the final results of the match. Bombsaflying: 9th place. Roxas2cool(our friend): 8th place. Doraemon(our other friend): 6th place. MarineFury: 5th place. HEVN: 4th place. The next tournament’s probably next month. If we only had Dopplemet and Vosnia/Tseng in the tournament, we can fix the tournament easily. Until then, POMF.


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