Weiss schwarz Sword Art Online Release Date: Questionables

The last post on the news for Sword Art Online may sound nice but there is still a lot of questions to ask before getting everyone’s hopes up.  Sword Art Online trial decks and boosters will undoubtedly sell like hot cakes but the problem lies in Bushiroad.  Will they be able to meet the Fall deadline that they have promised? Usually prior to the release of a series, there would be official announcements on the main WS TCG site a few months in advance of the release date, but for Sword Art Online this is not the case.  It feels like SAO is a reserve series that will be held back until the anime ends or when they are in need of a release.  I can say this because the Vocaloid series, which is intended for March, is already in the fancy scrolling list of Schwarz series on the main WS site.  My prediction is that Bushiroad wants to wait until the Accel World and Robotics notes hype is over and the all the fans have replenished their money supply to release SAO.  Since they haven’t even announced a specific date, they don’t even need to worry about pulling the same shameful tactic of apologizing for postponing the release date like they did for Fate/Zero boosters.  SAO is coming, but just not coming as fast as it says in the ad.  If I was in Bushiroad, I would say it would be released early next year since it feels empty for new releases around that time.

Am I correct in my hypothesis? Or am I just trolling? What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment.


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