Dog Days – 04

Never expected animal ninjas to invade Dog Days, did you now? More likely than you think.
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Dog Days – 03

Magicial loli genius voiced by Nana Mizuki. Hell yes originality.

Dog Days is at it again. This time with more money, fanservice, and lolis.
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Dog Days – 02

Typical followup episode, where we see the protagonist show off his crazy skills to everyone. Still, it wasn’t a bad episode, just not particular interesting. It’s refreshing to see an active protagonist where he doesn’t whine every episode about being stuck in some alternative realm.
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Dog Days – 01

Dog Days is an anime-original animated by Aniplex. It follows the story of a boy named Sinkku as he is summoned into an alternate realm by a princess. Zero no Tsukaima or Fate/stay night style. It contains famous seiyuus such as Nana Mizuki, Yui Horie, and Mamoru Miyano voicing the main characters. Read more of this post