Sword Art Online Weiss Schwarz OFFICIAL release date!

Sword Art Online TD – 22/12/2012
Sword Art Online Booster – 23/02/2013

Well, my previous post about the release date was a fraud. SAO won’t be released in Fall of 2012, it’ll be released in Winter of 2012/2013.


Sword Art Online Weiss Schwarz release date

Sword Art Online weiss schwarz trial deck and booster boxes will be released in fall of 2012. Be prepared for it with your body, and your wallet. Our friend Doraemon is going to buy a carton (16 booster boxes), and Roxas2cool will probably buy some off him. I will too. Gonna be broke orz.

EDIT: Please read my new post concerning the official release date.

Robotics;Notes Weiss Schwarz release date

If any of you were wondering, Weiss Schwarz Robotics;Notes booster release date is on 2012, November 24th. Have a great day and read my other posts kthxbai.

HEVN’s thought on how he did on an online tournament

._. In an online skype tournament for Weiss Schwarz, there were 10 people who participated. A-Invasion had 3 people who joined, and 2 of our other friends joined in as well. Read more of this post

HEVN’s thoughts and predictions on how Weiss Schwarz Project DIVA will fail, and perhaps, BM it? ;)


As some of you Weiss Schwarz/Vocaloid fans may or may not know, Weiss Schwarz is releasing a series for Vocaloid, called Project DIVA. Here are some of my thought on this new series to Weiss Schwarz.
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Confirmed: Persona 4 The Animation

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Aniplex animate Persona 4 adaption

Popular JRPG Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 has launched a countdown on its official website. If you load the same website on a mobile device, it tells you that studio Aniplex will animate an adaption of Persona 4.

Midnight Channel!

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A few months ago, Visual Art’s (wiki) released an opening video to the latest upcoming visual novel by Key (wiki), Rewrite (wiki). The OP song featured is “Philosophyz” by Runa Mizutani (she also sings the ending to Rewrite):

Then just a few days ago, they released another opening video, except this time it was fully animated…
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