Sword Art Online Weiss Schwarz OFFICIAL release date!

Sword Art Online TD – 22/12/2012
Sword Art Online Booster – 23/02/2013

Well, my previous post about the release date was a fraud. SAO won’t be released in Fall of 2012, it’ll be released in Winter of 2012/2013.


Weiss schwarz Sword Art Online Release Date: Questionables

The last post on the news for Sword Art Online may sound nice but there is still a lot of questions to ask before getting everyone’s hopes up.  Sword Art Online trial decks and boosters will undoubtedly sell like hot cakes but the problem lies in Bushiroad.  Will they be able to meet the Fall deadline that they have promised? Usually prior to the release of a series, there would be official announcements on the main WS TCG site a few months in advance of the release date, but for Sword Art Online this is not the case.  It feels like SAO is a reserve series that will be held back until the anime ends or when they are in need of a release.  I can say this because the Vocaloid series, which is intended for March, is already in the fancy scrolling list of Schwarz series on the main WS site.  My prediction is that Bushiroad wants to wait until the Accel World and Robotics notes hype is over and the all the fans have replenished their money supply to release SAO.  Since they haven’t even announced a specific date, they don’t even need to worry about pulling the same shameful tactic of apologizing for postponing the release date like they did for Fate/Zero boosters.  SAO is coming, but just not coming as fast as it says in the ad.  If I was in Bushiroad, I would say it would be released early next year since it feels empty for new releases around that time.

Am I correct in my hypothesis? Or am I just trolling? What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment.

Porn- If it gets us views, we post it.

A famous quote from bombsaflying.

Accel World Weiss Schwarz release date

If any of you were wondering, Weiss Schwarz Accel World booster release date is on 2012, October 27th. Have a great day and read my other posts kthxbai.

HEVN’s thought on how he did on an online tournament

._. In an online skype tournament for Weiss Schwarz, there were 10 people who participated. A-Invasion had 3 people who joined, and 2 of our other friends joined in as well. Read more of this post

HEVN’s thoughts and predictions on how Weiss Schwarz Project DIVA will fail, and perhaps, BM it? ;)


As some of you Weiss Schwarz/Vocaloid fans may or may not know, Weiss Schwarz is releasing a series for Vocaloid, called Project DIVA. Here are some of my thought on this new series to Weiss Schwarz.
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First Post Involving Weiss Schwarz

Hey ever heard about a game called Weiss Schwarz? Well it’s a card game that combines many different anime series together and allows players to duel each other.  There are lots of sites to read about how to play the game and view all the series available so far. A few of them are:
Little Akiba– A great site for translations.
Weiss Schwarz Wiki– A site for your general needs (e.g. terminology, gameplay, ect.)
Heart of the Cards– Another great site for translations, and news.

It’s not a hard game to learn despite that fact that it’s all in Japanese.  A-invasion members are mostly Japanese illiterate and we’ve managed to play without any problems after a month.  This is because each person sticks to one series so there is only about 100 different cards to memorize.

The most important thing to take away from this post is that I play Fate/Zero series for my deck and it is the best.  Don’t follow the band wagon of players who play all those little girl series. Don’t be a pedo. Think about it. If you were in fight, who would you take more seriously.  A little girl who is looking all cute or Iskandar charging at you with full force on his steed. So don’t pick any weak decks like Railgun, or Rewrite, or Persona 4 cause you’ll just regret it.  FATE/ZERO (and fate/stay night) all the way!

Yeah! BOOSTERS! Do ignore the other two crappy boosters.  Those are not mine.  I only needed them for visual impact.


Tsukino-Con 2012: Kelly Clark’s Box Set.

I have uploaded the contest onto my youtube channel.
The only part I’m missing is the part before part 6, which Phocus forgot to record.

The show that asdfsafe failed at blogging

Just watched episode 13 of Denpa Oto….blah blah blah.  You know that show with the weird opening and an unlimited amount of sparkles around Erio’s head.  Well this special episode definitely did not lack the sparkle overload aspect, since it was necessary to make Erio look transcendent.  This is acceptable, Twilight’s style is not.  Well it seems in this episode, everything Makoto believed and have tried so hard to establish was turned upside down.  Near the end, Yashiro showed up and told Makoto that she will prove to him that she is an alien with great power.  Yashiro tells Makoto to step back 3 steps and starts performing a ritual.  Almost immediately a meteor grazes Makoto and strikes the same place that he was standing only a moment ago.  The bewildered Makoto is left with unanswerable questions as Yashiro disappears during the moment of impact.  After this event, Makoto is back to wondering whether or not aliens exist.  And if they do, does that mean Erio’s past beliefs of her encounter with aliens was true.  If so, wouldn’t Makoto have wasted half a dozen episodes working his butt of in order to force his lies onto Erio? Wouldn’t he be the one who wasted time to cover the truth due to his small mindedness, instead of trying to find ways of proving alien life?

I really like how this show is a slice of life with a hint of aliens and how the writer does not chose to explain the alien aspect any further than it is.  This show is very much like Anohana as the true nature of the supernatural is not explored and the themes of friendship and family are more pronounced.